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Oil Painting Reproductions of Your Favorite Masterpieces

We’d like to welcome you to iPaintings, where you can order authentic oil painting reproductions. Our museum quality paintings are 100% hand-painted on canvas by professional artists, who have many years of experience painting art reproductions. Why settle for prints or posters, when you have a great opportunity to decorate your walls with stunning painting reproductions of the world’s most famous oil paintings.

The oil painting reproductions we sell are an amazing value that are priced 60-80% below art gallery prices. Our collection consists of a wide range of subjects and art styles, including magnificent oil painting reproductions of original oil paintings by Van Gogh, Monet, Klimt, Renoir, DaVinci, Rembrandt and many other worldwide renowned artists. You may order your oil paintings in any custom size you require to fit the actual wall space in your home or office. Apart from our reproduction paintings, you have the option to choose a custom frame from our designer framing collection, which will beautifully complement any of our oil paintings on canvas.

When ordering our oil painting reproductions, you can be confident that you’re buying a masterpiece with highly detailed workmanship for the lowest possible price. You can place an order directly on our secure website or call us and we can give you expert assistance in processing your order over the phone.

Quality is our #1 priority at iPaintings. That is why each oil painting starts with a blank canvas and top-quality oil paints. We then select only the most highly talented and skilled professional artists to hand-paint your oil painting until it is a true masterpiece. Best of all, every reproduction art that we sell is backed by our exclusive “5-star” 30-day money back guarantee that ensures your complete satisfaction. This is an absolutely risk-free order, so we invite you to join our huge list of satisfied customers!

"I had the best customer experience!"
"I had the best customer experience with your company! I love the items on your website and have already ordered three paintings. When I went to Hobby Lobby to have two of them framed (as I'm waiting on the third), a mother and her son stopped for five minutes to admire one of the paintings. She turned to her son and said, "See Mikey, this is what a real painting looks like. See that's what we saw in Italy. Do you remember the gondolas?" It drew attention from other people there as well. What I like about these oil paintings is that the quality is very high as well. An art student at Hobby Lobby pointed out some of the detailing on some of them and told me that the artist had used advanced techniques to give a three-dimensional texture to the painting. The framing department personnel also could not believe the price these oil paintings were. The same guy that made the comment earlier also said that if I put these paintings up on my walls, it would look like "I had money". That's a side-benefit, isn't it? Anyway, I told Hobby Lobby that I'd be back to give them repeated business thanks to your company. It really is addicting. Once you do get hooked, you can't stop ordering. I am now going to sell my older art that I had from collections, to make wall space for your newer pieces!"
Review by: Sanjay P., Cincinnati, OH
"The quality was wonderful!"
"I received my reproduction Van Gogh within 3 days and the quality was wonderful! When I took it to be framed, I was told by the owner of the art shop it was one of the best he had seen and the quality of the canvas was excellent!"
Review by: Stephen Selkirk, Glasgow, Scotland
"Thank you for all you do."
"I recently ordered an oil painting portrait from your website that turned out to be a real and true likeness of my pastor and his father. It was truly amazing how the artist could put together in one oil painting the father and son from two separate pictures!! They both looked so real and lifelike. I am now ordering another portrait from your company of a dear friend of mine who is an Evangelist Preacher and I am thrilled to have this painting done for him. He himself has seen my other paintings, but has never himself gotten one done of him. This will be such a great gift to give him when we travel to hear him speak. This will be my fourth portrait that I have ordered from your company (I just can't stop myself). Each oil painting was done for someone who means a great deal to me. Lowell and his talented staff know exactly what to do and how to make the best of a picture. The smile and expression says it all. Thank you for all you do to make people happy and give them more than they were expecting."
Review by: Brenda Newman, Dayton, OH
"I am so proud to exhibit this oil painting in my home!"
"I JUST RECEIVED MY "MONA LISA" OIL PAINTING TODAY. THANK YOU SO MUCH.  Now I can tell all who see my hand-painted oil painting reproduction: "Look! The Louvre has got "a copy" of this masterpiece!!! I am so proud to exhibit this oil painting in my home! Keep up the good're doing great."
Review by: Abraham Medina, Hurst, TX

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