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"I am so pleased with the work of your artists."
"I think art adds so much to the beauty of a room. I recently ordered 7 framed oil paintings from your company and I would like to say that I am so pleased with the work of your artists...very professionally done...worth every penny! My rooms have come alive with these beautiful oils! I decided that I loved my oil paintings so much that I would do something special for my 35th wedding anniversary. I sent you a very small photo of my husband that I wanted to have painted into a portrait oil painting. The oil painting arrived yesterday and it is lovely...the brushstrokes of oil are not underdone or is just right. I believe it's 24 by 32 inches and it is as clear and vibrant as the small photo. It is a wonderful and unique gift if you are thinking of doing something special for a loved will not be disappointed. My husband was quite thrilled, not only with the beautiful oil paintings, but  he was really happy I thought of something so special to give him for our anniversary. In closing, I want to thank your entire staff and your artists who paint these fantastic work of arts...what talent you all have! We will enjoy our oils for many years to come."
Review by: Carole Cherry, Hollister, CA
"Thanks for your careful attention to detail & prompt service!"
"Today I received my exquisite order of hand-painted classic art reproductions. I'm truly happy with the outcome and I will certainly recommend your oil paintings and frames to all my friends and relatives. Thanks again for your careful attention to detail and your prompt service!"
Review by: Gary Allen, Slate Hill, NY
"I highly recommend your company! Great experience!"
"When I received my initial shipment of 2 oil paintings, there was a slight problem with one of the oil paintings I ordered, in that a key background detail was omitted. I contacted your Customer Service Department by email, and they responded virtually immediately! They said they would commission a new oil painting, and that it would be free, of course. I have just received the replacement oil painting, and it is perfect! I am so delighted, not just by the quality of the oil paintings, but by the immediacy of the response to my initial problem, AND the hassle free way I was served. I highly recommend your company! Great experience!"
Review by: Bill Mayo, Morton, IL
"The oil painting itself is a masterpiece!"
"When I received my ordered oil painting from your company, I was so thrilled! The oil painting itself is a masterpiece! I don't see how it can be any closer to the original (as a copy). In Monet's, "Water Lily Pond", the famous part of the oil painting is the dark water portion. It looks so dynamic in the oil painting reproduction I received. The waterlilies actually look like they are floating around. With a 5 1/2" wide frame, it looks so elegant and glorious! I really wish I can send you the photo to let you see it !! Thanks."
Review by: Harvey Chu, Houston, TX