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"First of all, I have actually called the 'toll-free' telephone number and spoken with a fella named Lowell. Each time that I have called, I have had the opportunity to be charmed, but yet gently guided with Lowell's influence and his eye for fine art. My 'very best friend' first ordered one of the equestrian horse oil paintings on 'our' first 'go around' with Lowell. The subject in that oil painting, I believe was a 'George Stubbs' "A Bay Horse and a White Dog". This oil painting is still offered on the site, so if you like equestrian horses ~or~ animals, such as dogs and horses from an 'Old English' perspective, then you will absolutely be THRILLED with the huge selection on their website.

I happen to like oil paintings without a human in the field of interest. Further, I tend to lean toward the "Victorian-Romanticism" art style, as Lowell has classified most of the oil paintings that have the 'right feel' for me. Again, Lowell will gently guide you through the website and understand which way to perhaps, nudge you into a direction that you had henceforth not known about a particular 'style' of painting that you like. Of course, most folks will look at all the oil paintings on their website and pick out what they find 'visually appealing'. But, with a bit of 'prior knowledge', this website and Lowell will be a great help to you. The oil painting of the "Bay Horse and The White Dog" was SO WELL DONE (my friend ordered it) that I am awaiting NOT ONE, BUT TWO oil paintings from their company. I can hardly wait to get mine, and I already know I will love them, but I can begin shopping for the frames for these 'quite literally' WORKS OF ART, that are HAND PAINTED IN THE OIL MEDIUM BY AN ACTUAL ARTIST !!!!

So you see, those of you that may read this, this past March I just ordered two more REAL OIL PAINTINGS and I simply cannot wait until they arrive. Oh, my 'best friend' ordered TWO MORE REAL OIL PAINTINGS for herself, second time around the block. The fact is basic and I was raised not to lie, cheat or steal and I hold my honor and integrity as my best attributes. THESE OIL PAINTINGS ARE THE REAL THING. These paintings are actually painted BY ARTISTS and they are beautiful. If you shop a lot of the 'decorator shops' and 'antique stores' all in the high end shops, you have seen these oil paintings, but you could not afford them. Well, where do you suppose those shops get their REAL OIL PAINTINGS? Oh, yes, then they can mark them up to $600-$800 price range and dependent on how big you want them, they could sell for well over $1000.00 a piece. Stop what you are doing, look around the site and buy A REAL OIL PAINTING or maybe two for your home. You will NOT be sorry! My friend and I certainly were glad that we ordered...twice! Consider clicking on the 'Art Styles' section on the top of the home page and then just 'let your mind go free'. Thank You for the opportunity to be able to submit a testimonial about your site."
Review by: Cathy Williams, Overland Park, KS
"It's awesome!"
"It's awesome! Yay! It turned out so wonderful! My husband is going to love it! Thanks!"
Review by: Vicki Cady, Belfair, WA
"I would recommend your company without hesitation."
"Your expert staff were extremely helpful from start to finish. We ordered three paintings and each was quite spectacular. We had them all gallery framed and they are all hung and beautify our house. Guests comment on them all the time. In addition, and of extreme importance, is that the company stands behind its art. I can't say enough about the quality of the paintings and the quality of the service. I would highly recommend your company without hesitation."
Review by: Michael Marks, Bluffton, SC
"The beauty of the paintings make my house a home."
"I want to say thank you Lowell for all your help and frame advice with the purchase of my 22 framed oil paintings. My new home is absolutely beautiful because of all the beautiful paintings that are now hanging on my walls. I have paintings in every room. Each room is a pleasure to walk into...the paintings add so much to the room. People who come to my home stand and stare at the paintings. The paintings have become conversation pieces. The beauty of the paintings on my walls make my house a home. I love being surrounded by such beautiful art work.

Most of all, thank you Lowell, and the artist who painted the reproduction of my wedding picture. My family will now have a painting that will become a family treasure. The artist's brush captured the happiness my husband and I shared on our wedding day all those many years ago. Again, my thanks to you Lowell and your wonderfully talented artists for the art work that now graces my walls."
Review by: Joan Sadlowski, Cape Coral, FL