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"The artistry is beyond outstanding!!!"
"I just received three angel paintings today! They are all FANTASTIC!! We have other paintings in our home, but none of them are more beautiful than these!!! One of them will hang in the great room and two will hang in our hall where other paintings are displayed. The artistry is beyond outstanding!!! I know when our friends see these paintings, they will be contacting your company! Dealing with Lowell was an absolute pleasure! Everything he told me about the art is true! I could not be happier! THESE PAINTINGS ARE TRULY WORKS OF ART!!!!!"
Review by: Roger Samaha, Baton Rouge. LA,
"The oil painting itself is a masterpiece!"
"When I received my ordered oil painting from your company, I was so thrilled! The oil painting itself is a masterpiece! I don't see how it can be any closer to the original (as a copy). In Monet's, "Water Lily Pond", the famous part of the oil painting is the dark water portion. It looks so dynamic in the oil painting reproduction I received. The waterlilies actually look like they are floating around. With a 5 1/2" wide frame, it looks so elegant and glorious! I really wish I can send you the photo to let you see it !! Thanks."
Review by: Harvey Chu, Houston, TX
"I had the best customer experience!"
"I had the best customer experience with your company! I love the items on your website and have already ordered three paintings. When I went to Hobby Lobby to have two of them framed (as I'm waiting on the third), a mother and her son stopped for five minutes to admire one of the paintings. She turned to her son and said, "See Mikey, this is what a real painting looks like. See that's what we saw in Italy. Do you remember the gondolas?" It drew attention from other people there as well. What I like about these oil paintings is that the quality is very high as well. An art student at Hobby Lobby pointed out some of the detailing on some of them and told me that the artist had used advanced techniques to give a three-dimensional texture to the painting. The framing department personnel also could not believe the price these oil paintings were. The same guy that made the comment earlier also said that if I put these paintings up on my walls, it would look like "I had money". That's a side-benefit, isn't it? Anyway, I told Hobby Lobby that I'd be back to give them repeated business thanks to your company. It really is addicting. Once you do get hooked, you can't stop ordering. I am now going to sell my older art that I had from collections, to make wall space for your newer pieces!"
Review by: Sanjay P., Cincinnati, OH
"I am absolutely thrilled! Wow!"
"I just received the oil paintings and I am absolutely thrilled! Wow! I can't wait to order again from you and will tell everyone I know about how great the artwork, service and delivery process is. My pictures are soooo beautiful! Thank you and you will hear from me again soon!"
Review by: Julie Rabat-Torki, Houston, TX