Museum Quality Hand-Painted Oil Paintings, at Affordable Prices

Find the style and sophistication to enhance your space

"I was blown away with the quality of the oil paintings!"
"Even though it says “museum quality” on your website, I am sure like many people, I was a little skeptical of what the actual quality of the oil paintings would be at such low prices. Having just received five oil paintings, I am amazed at the incredible quality. Art has always been something that I have struggled to buy…..I would like to buy collectible art, but my budget only allows for decorative art. Your company finally gives me the option to use art throughout my house without the fear of it cheapening the rest of the interiors. At these prices, my only problem is finding a place to hang them all!

The fact that your website offers to do custom sizes and custom color palettes ensures a truly custom art installation. And the idea of e-mailing me a proof of the custom colors was perfect—it turned out just right! If you have a need for fine art pieces for your home, you should seriously consider their company. I too read many of the testimonials and discounted most of them thinking that the people writing them probably did not hold the oil paintings at such a high level of scrutiny as I would. I finally gave in and ordered my first oil painting and I guarantee that you will be blown away at the quality as I was. You will never go back to prints again! Thanks for offering such a great value!"
Review by: Paul G., Atlanta, GA
"The oil painting was so beautiful!"
"I have purchased three paintings from your website and have been very pleased. I just received my most recent and I literally cried when I opened the container and looked at the painting - it was so beautiful and I could tell the artist took care and pride in his/her work. I would not hesitate to purchase another painting from your company."
Review by: Pattie Marshall, Ball, LA
"The color and texture is unbelievable!"
"Lowell, you have made it possible for us to have a quality oil. Your attitude toward your buyer is exceptional in all ways and you made me feel I was the only person you were concerned with at the time I called. I Thank You! Now, regarding the painting... the artist has captured a landscape scene which reminds us of a time and place in our lives. The color and texture is unbelievable! We have visited galleries that do not compare to this artist. It is the finishing touch to our room. It will bring a smile to our hearts for many years to come. We will be back."
Review by: Deborah W., Bonita Springs, FL
"Thank you for the excellent service & high quality paintings!"
"It was such a pleasure to locate a business that demonstrates customer service by action. I am so pleased regarding the response I received for a special request and the courtesy of the follow up to insure the service was carried out. The oil paintings not only were delivered with special handling, they were of superb quality. As the oil paintings I purchased hang in a public office, it gets a fair amount of traffic and more than a few casual compliments. I am very pleased and welcome the opportunity of sharing the experience we enjoyed in doing business with your company. Thank you for the excellent service and very high quality oil paintings!"
Review by: Dan McPherson, Dallas, TX