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Stanislav Yulianovich Zhukovsky

Stanislav Yulianovich Zhukovsky

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Stanislav Yulianovich Zhukovsky (1873-1944) was a Polish-Russian painter known for his landscape paintings and membership in the Mir iskusstva group. Born in Grodno, Zhukovsky enrolled at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture in 1892. He was a student of Isaac Levitan and became a celebrated landscapist, working in a unique style that projected impressionistic elements.

Zhukovsky's work is characterized by his use of vibrant colors and a loose, expressive brushstroke to capture the natural beauty of the Russian landscape. He often painted his landscapes in the open air and worked from nature, a technique he learned from his teacher Levitan. His paintings include a variety of subjects, such as rivers, lakes, and forests, which showcase his love for the natural world and his skill in depicting the changing seasons and light conditions.

Throughout his career, Zhukovsky became a loyal follower of Levitan and mentored several students, including the avant-garde artist Liubov Popova and the young Vladimir Mayakovsky. After the Russian Revolution, Zhukovsky left the Soviet Union for Poland, where he spent the remainder of his life. In 1941, he was arrested by the Nazis and held at the prisoner transit camp (Durchgangslager) at Pruszków, where he eventually died in 1944.

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