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Guo Xi

Guo Xi

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Reproduction oil paintings - Guo Xi - The Old Trees, Level Distance
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Guo Xi (c. 1020–1090) was a renowned Chinese landscape painter from the Northern Song dynasty. He served as a court painter under Emperor Shenzong and is celebrated for his innovative techniques and influential theories on landscape painting. Guo Xi's most famous work, "Early Spring," dated 1072, is considered one of the great masterpieces of the Northern Song monumental landscape tradition. This painting effectively captures the seasonal qualities and exemplifies Guo's approach, which balanced pictorial description with expressive brushstrokes to provide landscapes in which one may physically and mentally ramble.

Guo Xi's artistic contributions are documented in his collected notes on landscape painting, "Linquan Gaozhi" ("Lofty Record of Forests and Streams"), which describes the purposes and techniques of painting in much detail. His approach to depicting multiple perspectives, known as "the angle of totality," was a significant innovation in Chinese landscape painting. Guo Xi's paintings often contained three types of trees, each symbolizing different aspects of nature and human existence.

His work is characterized by the use of texture strokes to build up credible, three-dimensional forms, including strokes particular to his style, such as those on "cloud-resembling" rocks and the "devil's face texture stroke." Guo Xi's artistic legacy and his detailed system of idiomatic brushstrokes have had a lasting impact on the development of Chinese landscape painting.

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