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A Carpet Merchant
Sale: From $369.00 $221.40
A Cotton Office in New Orleans
Sale: From $319.00 $191.40
A Hermit in a Cave, Reading a Book
Sale: From $279.00 $167.40
A Man On The Balcony
Sale: From $269.00 $161.40
A Matador
Sale: From $259.00 $155.40
A Merry Melody
Sale: From $369.00 $221.40
A Night Watch
Sale: From $369.00 $221.40
A Polish Nobleman
Sale: From $269.00 $161.40
A Portrait of Bacchus
Sale: From $289.00 $173.40
A Portrait of Dr. Gachet
Sale: From $239.00 $143.40
A Portrait Of George Washington
Sale: From $269.00 $161.40
A Portrait Of Louis XIV
Sale: From $299.00 $179.40
All of our men paintings are 100% hand-painted by our professional artists. Our artists start with a blank canvas and paint each brushstroke entirely by hand utilizing the finest oil paints on artist grade canvas.